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Garage Door Repair in Leesburg VA

Thanks for visiting Clove Garage Door Repair website here in Leesburg VA. We know that having a garage door at your home is a beautiful thing that every homeowner love. They gain easy access to their home with the push of a button, they can store a lot of their belongings there safely and keep it protected. They can even let a family member into their home with the push of a button on their phone without being there. These a few benefits the garage door provides you.

The question is, what happens to all these benefits when the garage door breaks down? Some home owners will get into a panic mode at the loss of functionality of their garage door and that’s where Clove Garage Door Repair in Leesburg Virginia comes in.

We put this webpage together to reach out to our home owners who’re in search of a good garage door repair company here in Leesburg. We know the horrors that could happen if your garage door is left open overnight or if you get locked out of your home because of a garage door that won’t open. We’ve seen all these scenarios in the past and we’re here to say, “take a deep breath, we’ve got your back”.

Clove Garage Door has been working with homeowners for over 5 years now. We’ve seen every kind of garage door problem that you could have, and we know exactly how to get it fixed. We’re Fairfax County’s premier choice for garage door repair, service and maintenance.

I have listed a few scenarios below that you can identify with & please call us if you have any of these issues;

  • Garage door opener light blinking continually every 5 or 6 secs
  • Garage door torsion spring snapped in two or broken spring.
  • Your garage door is off-track.
  • Your garage door becomes caulk-eyed and one side is higher than the other.
  • Garage door cables wrapped around the torsion bar
  • Garage door hinges broken
  • Broken garage door panels
  • Garage door window broken
  • Extension spring for a small garage door broken
  • Garage door opener trolley not engaging with the travel mechanism
  • Worn out gears on the garage door opener.
  • Split torsion shaft
  • Garage door not reversing when it hits an object.
  • Garage door is misaligned.
  • Photoelectric sensors on the garage door openers not working
  • Garage door opener remotes not responding.

These are a few scenarios that we’ve seen, and we’ve fixed the problems with the garage doors for our customers here in Leesburg. Don’t hesitate to contact Clove Garage Doors for any Leesburg garage door and opener repair or installation problems you may have moving forward.


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